Get to know remarkable Asian Women who lead in their respective fields of work, as they share how they navigate through the ‘sweet & sour’ of their pursuits and lives. Be inspired at #TheOrangeRoom, to know you can do it too!

coming to you in late 2021!


There is power, when a woman tells her story. Drawing on from their own personal experiences and journeys, these Asian women will inspire you on getting through life's mess and challenges.


Celebrating ordinary Asian Women in varied vocations and roles in our communities. Honest conversations on #TAWcelebrates give Asian Women a platform to voice their stories.


Media channels are often quick to project or assume what Asian Women think. #TAWcurious brings the mic straight to everyday Asian Women, so that our diverse voices on various topics may be truly heard.


Modern day Asian Women are known to be great multi-taskers, juggling so much with so little time. #TAWeasykitchen offers quick and realistic recipes for the busy weekday and midnight therapeutic kitchen antics.


Good Food is at the heart of our Asian cultures and heritage :) Our local hosts take you on an eating trip around Asia!