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Organic Content


‘humanise’ advertising through strategic and seamless promotion of your brand within authentic stories in our production or through women empowering visuals

Branded Content


engage us to produce brand centric content - editorial, photography or video - that is tailored towards promoting your brand



place your product or brand visibly within our video content to reinforce your brand’s connection with our audience

Native Ads

your own ad strategically placed on The Asian Woman platforms to expose your brand or drive audience traffic to your webpage

a Facebook audience that's exponentially growing

launched February 2020, by July 2020:


>200,000 video views

>3,000,000 people reached

Now expanding to Instagram, Youtube, and

The Asian Woman's very own WebMag 

asiawide female audience

"The Asian Woman consists of women with broad interests and who are tertiary educated, professional and tech savvy."

who should advertise with The Asian Woman?

any brand that seeks exposure to

tech savvy, tertiary educated

women aged 24-45, in one or

more countries in Asia

top ten countries

At Baba ChooChoo, we specialize in

content marketing and branding

Our creatives are based in Malaysia, Singapore,

South Korea, China, India and Indonesia.

The Asian Woman's empowerment

engineered by

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fueled by your brand

advertisement policies

The Asian Woman reserves the right to decline any advertisement request or proposal. In particular, The Asian Woman is unable to accept advertisements that:

• facilitate or promote illegal products, services or activities

• mislead, are dishonest or fraudulent, or intentionally inaccurate

• are derogatory towards people on basis of ethnicity, religion, colour,   gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or medical condition

• includes violence, vulgar language or inappropriate sexual undertones  

• promote tobacco, prostitution, diet pills, skin whitening products or cosmetic surgery

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